Upload your PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube

It may take you days or weeks to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for an event or training.  Why don’t you reuse it and recycle it to other channels?  Do you want more people to see your great works?  Yes, you can upload it to SlideShare; then import to your LinkedIn account as well.  But it is still a PowerPoint presentation.  Do you know Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can export your PowerPoint presentation to video as well?  Now, you can upload your PowerPoint presentation to YouTube as well.

And it is very simple to save the presentation into video.

  1. On the File menu, click Save & Send.
  2. Under Save & Send, click Create a video.
  3. Click Create Video.
  4. Save As dialogue is showed, enter a file name in the File name box and click OK button.


Once the video is ready, then you can upload it to YouTube.  Does anyone like to know how to upload the video to iTunes store as well?  Do you want iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad users to watch your presentation while they are offline?

Andrew Chan is the owner and founder of ALG Inc.