Connect SkyDrive Folder as Network Folder

SkyDrive is a FREE online storage offered by Microsoft which:

  • Provides 25 GB Storage
  • Sync 5 GB of data from your PC
  • Shares documents with people we choose
  • Integrates with Office 2010, e.g. anywhere, anytime access from the browser, edit documents together in real time, version history and lot more.
    But I like to discuss another great feature; connect your SkyDrive online folder as a network drive in Windows Explorer.




  • Enter Live Id and password.


  • Now, we have a network drive (N:) that connects to our SkyDrive online folder.


And we can use it just like any normal network drive.

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Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

While Microsoft is driving full speed to move its products to cloud, e.g. Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows Azure, SQL Azure… etc., Google has released a desktop plug-in for Microsoft Office to some selected beta users. 

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is an Office plug-in that synchronizes our documents with our Google Docs accounts.  Once our document is stored in our Google Docs accounts, then we can easily share our documents and even simultaneously edit them with multiple people. Google  Docs also provides version control so we can revert to earlier versions. It would work with Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Unfortunately, Google Cloud Connect is only available to selected beta users.  So if we want to save our documents to cloud and share our documents with other people now, then we may have to use SkyDrive from Microsoft.

Now Google wants to connect to Microsoft?  What would happen next?

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Are you using USB Flash Drive?

USB flash drive is inexpensive.  We can get a 8GB driver for less than $20.  So a lot of people use USB flash drive to transfer files back and forth between their desktop and laptop; some even carry two USB flash drivers for backup.  But that gets awkward and keeping track of versions can be annoying. 

I use Windows Live Mesh which can sync virtually unlimited files directly between my PCs and up to 5GB of files between my PC and SkyDrive. So no more flash drive transfers – whether I’m using my desktop or laptop, I have the current version of my files.

Install Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh comes with the latest version of Windows Live Essentials.  Once we install Windows Live Essentials, all we need is a Windows Live ID and Internet access.

Sync a Folder

  • Click Windows Live Mesh
  • Click Sync a Folder (located next to the icon of your computer).


  • Choose from the folders on your computer.
  • Click Sync button.


  • Select Devices dialogue will appear and we can select which devices we want to sync the folder to.
  • Click OK button.


  • Once the folder is added, Windows Live Mesh will sync the files with the other machine.


Go to the other PC and make sure Windows Live Mesh is launched.  That’s all we need to do. Windows Live Mesh will automatically keep the folder up to date as long as both machines are on and connected to the internet.

We can also sync folders between our PC and SkyDrive, a free online storage from Windows Live. SkyDrive provides 25GB online storage but we can only sync up to 5GB of space on SkyDrive.   Once our files are on SkyDrive, then we can access our synched files from any computer that has an Internet connection.

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Collaboration Systems – from floppy disc to Microsoft Office Web Apps for SkyDrive

You probably know how old I am when I mentioned floppy disc in the title; because floppy disc was the only way that we could share information on an IBM PC 25 years ago.  Later, we had local area network (LAN); and when I prepared the business case for installing the first LAN in my company, the key benefits that I mentioned was collaboration.  We could share information securely!  How amazing! But the collaboration was still limited to a small group of people, typically within the same department.  Then email has become very popular and we could share information with our business partners, customers, suppliers… etc.  And yesterday, I read from the news that Microsoft launched Microsoft Office Web Apps for SkyDrive which would take collaboration to another level, i.e. multiple users can discuss and edit a particular document concurrently.  Why has collaboration been so important?  Virtually all major software vendors provided collaboration systems, e.g. Google, IBM, Microsoft and even Facebook.

Should my company use collaboration system?  I believe most of us are using them now, e.g. email, shared folders or instant message (IM).  The question is if you want to bring in a more effective collaboration system.  Before you answer this question, you may want to ask you a more fundamental question: what are the benefits of collaboration?

Frost & Sullivan published a whitepaper which was based on a survey of 946 decision makers in key positions.  Below is a summary of its finding:

  • Overall performance: Collaboration contributes 36% of overall business performance; twice the impact of a company’s strategic orientation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Collaboration is the sole influencing factor; driving 41% of customer satisfaction.
  • Labour Productivity: Collaboration delivers 35% of labour productivity; 4 times higher than company’s strategic orientation.
  • Product: Collaboration is also the main driving force for product quality (34%) and product development (30%).
  • Innovation: 30% and it is 7.5 times higher than company’s strategic orientation.

You may wonder how collaboration could deliver such incredible effects, how can you achieve such results?  I believe there are 6 main areas that are positively influenced by collaboration:

  • Communication: It is quite obvious that improved collaboration means increased communication and hence better innovation.
  • Innovation: Once you have better innovation, then you would improve productivity and increase quality of your services / products.
  • Customer: If you deliver better services / products, then more customers would come to you.
  • Planning: Today’s collaboration system allows your and business partners to do planning more flexibly and effectively.
  • Control: Improved collaboration also give you better control on your business; you can have a better and timely picture on your financial, operational and sales performance.
  • Stronger team: You can collaborate with your team more effectively, no matter if they are in different offices, working styles. You can all stay connected.

Most current collaboration systems allow you to:

  • Reduce time and cost that are required to do a face to face meeting.
  • Building team and developing new client base that were used to be out of your geographical boundaries.
  • Provide more responsive services to your clients
  • Effective control your time

If you are still using email as main collaboration system, then you may miss a lot of opportunities, i.e. improve bottom line, reaching out to new clients and building a stronger team. What next? You should at least try Microsoft Office Web Apps for SkyDrive and Skype.  They are both free collaboration systems.  And if you are ready and looking for something much more powerful, then Microsoft SharePoint Online and Office 2010 would deliver features that you would not even imagine.

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Microsoft Releases Office Web Apps for SkyDrive

You can now create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents on Windows Live SkyDrive.


It is my shortest blog so far!

Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps and SkyDrive – Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs

 Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps Technical Preview is available on Windows Live SkyDrive, a free, 25-gigabyte virtual hard drive on the Internet, accessible from any computer, e.g. Windows, Mac, or Linux at your office, at your home, at your friend’s house, so you don’t need to carry around a physical disk to transport files.  You can easily create, edit, and share your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents.  All you need is a computer with a web browser (IE, Firefox or Safari) and an internet connection.

Create a new Office document

Edit an existing Office document

Share Office Documents

Office 2010 Web Apps is easy to use because it is the same Office tools that you are familiar with, in a Web environment.

Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps will be officially launched in June, 2010, so why don’t you get ready and start using Windows Live SkyDrive now.  You can seamlessly integrate SkyDrive into your Windows environment as a network drive.  Does everyone in your office need a full Microsoft Office license?  Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps may give you an opportunity to cut some IT budget.

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