Do you have any excuse NOT to back up your files?

Hard drive is not built to last for ever! Soon or later, it would fail. When it fails, it may cause us a big fortune to restore the data; or we would never be able to recover all our critical business information, e.g. all billing information, customer records, email… etc.

We can buy a 1 TB portable hard drive for $60 and Windows 7 comes with a FREE Backup and Restore utility and I am going to show you how to use it in this blog step by step. Do you have any exceuse not to backup your files?

  • To launch Backup and Restore utility in Windows 7, we click the Start button, then Control Panel, click System and Security, and then click Backup and Restore.

  • Click Set up backup.

  • Set up backup dialogue would be displayed.

  • Select the backup location and click Next

  • I let the expert (Windows) to choose what files I need to backup, and click Next

  • Again, I accept Windows’s recommendation and backup Every Sunday at 7:00PM, and then click Save setting and exit.

  • We can choose to start the backup now.


Of course, it would be much better to consult your IT guru what your best backup option is. But anything is better than nothing and I just showed you a very simple procedure to back up your data files in Windows 7. So if you haven’t never backup your computer, please buy a portable hard drive at Boxing Day and follow my 7 steps backup procedures. This is my Christmas gift to everyone who has a computer but never back it up.

Andrew Chan is the owner and founder of ALG Inc.

We help you to make better and faster decisions!



About Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan is an Business Consultant who gives you accurate, consistent and timely information so that you can make better and faster decisions. He is an Associate of Society of Actuaries with over 20 years of IT experience. Apart from strong analytical skills and proven technical background, he was also a former system director at Manulife who had extensive project management experience. If you are looking for someone to gather, consolidate, validate, visualize and analyze data, look no further! Andrew can provide the most cost effective business analytics solution so that you can explore, optimize, predict and visualize your business. Don’t guess on any decision, no matter it is finance, operation, marketing or sales! Always ask for evidence!

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