Automatically send personalized email using Microsoft Outlook 2007

Do you want to send personalized email to many people at once? It is a very simple feature that consists of 4 easy steps.

  1. Select your contacts in Outlook
  2. Start mail merge from Outlook
  3. Write your email in Microsoft Word and
  4. Preview and Send

I am going to show you step by step how it can be done in several minutes. Select your contracts

  • In Outlook, go to Contacts by pressing "Ctrl+3" or click on the "Contacts" tab


  • Select the contacts you want by holding the "Ctrl +" Click on multiple contacts or select your Mass Email / Newsletter category (if you already have one)


Start mail merge

  • In the menu bar, click "Tools", then "Mail Merge"


  • You would see the Mail Merge Contact Dialog


  • Under "Contacts", select "Only selected contacts"


  • Under "Merge options", select "Email" under "Merge to:"
  • Fill in the subject line


  • After you click the OK button in the Mail Merge Contact Dialog, Microsoft Word would start.

Write your email in Microsoft Word

  • Since you already select the email recipients, you can start writing your email in Word.
  • You can insert email specific fields using the "Write and Insert Fields" group in the Ribbon


  • Move your cursor to where you want to add a greeting line
  • Click on "Greeting Line"
  • You would see the "Insert Greeting Line" dialogue


  • You can change the "Greetingline format"


  • There are a lot of mail merge fields to select by click on "Insert Merge Field"


Preview and Send

  • You can preview your email by clicking the "Preview Results"


  • You can scroll through every record by using the "First Record", "Previous Record", "Next Record" and "Last Record" buttons 


  • After you preview the email and you are ready to send out email, click "Finish & Merge" and "Send E-mail messages…"


  • You would see the "Merge to E-mail" dialogue 


  • Click OK button and your email with personalized greeting line would be sent out to all selected email receipents.

If you already drafted your email, it would only take you couple minutes to do a mail merge in Outlook.  You can contact me at if you have any further question about mail merge or Outlook.


Andrew Chan is the owner and founder of ALG Inc.

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About Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan is an Business Consultant who gives you accurate, consistent and timely information so that you can make better and faster decisions. He is an Associate of Society of Actuaries with over 20 years of IT experience. Apart from strong analytical skills and proven technical background, he was also a former system director at Manulife who had extensive project management experience. If you are looking for someone to gather, consolidate, validate, visualize and analyze data, look no further! Andrew can provide the most cost effective business analytics solution so that you can explore, optimize, predict and visualize your business. Don’t guess on any decision, no matter it is finance, operation, marketing or sales! Always ask for evidence!

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  1. i’m using mapilabs add-in for mail merge from outlook:

  2. Hemanth says:

    Very good & very useful info.

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